Binti Salha Foundation with the support of AMREF- Kenya conducted Youth- led organization training on the EAC SRH Bill and ICPDD 25+ commitments. The training aimed to increase understanding for the youth- led organization on the EAC SRH Bill and ICPD 25+ commitments, enhancing their advocacy and stakeholder engagement techniques and creating a joint and practical action plan for tracking and advocating for the SRH Bill and ICPD 25+ commitments.

BSF also engaged 84 youth in Dar es salaam region in a mean-ingful dialogue on the EAC SRH Bill and ICPD 25+ Commit-ments to identify challenges and opportunities to formulate actionale . The success of the YPH wa evident from the testi-monals of the youth who expressed a remarkable transformation in their understanding of SRH issues and utilizing the Askidoki chatbot.

Recognizing the power of social media in influencing opinion and mobilizing communities., 10 social media influencers across various platforms were selected to disseminate information about the EAC SRH Bill and ICPD 25+ commitments.
The campaign resonated widely, reaching a broad audience of 6.1 Millions where through targeted and creative messages, It sparked discussion, educated followers and inspired actions.