Binti Salha Foundation

Who We Are

Binti Salha Foundation is a Non-Government Organization established in 2017 and registered in 2019 by Ministry of Health, Community Development, Elderly and Children of Tanzania under the Non-Governmental Organizations Act, 2002 with registratin number 00NGO/R/0596. BSF is a national level organization-which is humanitarian, girl child-centered, development organization, without religious, political or governmental affiliation. The organization aims at advo-cating for Adolescent girl’s and Young Women’s rights to education, Health and Livelihood in Tanzania. This includes key challenges that limit Adolescent girl’s and Young Women’s rights to education, health and livelihood by ensuring that these rights are given to all human beingsregardless of their gender and age. The Organization also focuses on young women’s access to economic opportunities, decent work as well as un-paid care work as part of inclusive economic and livelihood opportunities for young women in rural and urban areas. BSF works at grass roots levels with girl children, young women, families and communities to bring about long-term sustainable development.

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